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Pilot Club of Roanoke

The Pilot Club of Roanoke meets the second Tuesday at 5:30 pm at the Annie Awbrey Library in Roanoke, Alabama. The Executive board meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 11 am

at Awbrey Library.



Our main projects are: Christmas for Kids (C4K), where in 2022 we provided

for approximately 329 families. We write letters to businesses, churches and

individuals, receive funds, evaluate applications, buy toys locally and on-line,

put the toys in large bags with corresponding numbers with name and

schedule several pick up dates. We work with the city of Roanoke and

individual store owners to locate a temporary space to set up tables and 

needed space for lining up toys in numerical order for pick up.




                                                                 Bingo at Knollwood Baptist Retirement Home: We offer Bingo for residents of                                                                     a retirement home once a month. We give rolls of quarters and useful gifts as                                                                       prizes. The quarters are used for the washer and dryers the residents use for                                                                         cleaning and drying their clothes.

Brain Minders: Each spring we visit each of the schools in Randolph County

and present a puppet show to kindergartens. This past year two of our

members used very animated voices while other members used the hand

puppets behind a stand-up board. The script has been amended to include

current wearing helmets during tornado warnings.

Fundraisers include BBQ pork sales, sales for a handmade quilt, and

Chicken Salad Chic Sales!

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