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The Compass Club of Covington County - chartered August 7, 2018

Compass International

Compass is the Young Professionals division of Pilot International. Compass is a community based service organization for high school graduates-26 (18-28 for Japanese young adults). It's an opportunity to participate in community service projects, develop leadership skills, and advance personal and professional goals.

The Importance of Compass

Compass clubs represent Pilot International's commitment to building an impactful and sustainable organization into the future.

Compass clubs bridge the gap between Anchor and Pilot and provide membership-for-life opportunities ensuring the longevity of Pilot International. The expansion of Pilot through Compass allows the entire organization to have a greater impact on communities all over the world.

Compass and Pilot International

Pilot International is the parent organization of Compass. Both Pilot and Compass follow the same bylaws and mission statements, but there are a few difference. Compass members are sponsored, between a specific age range and are ineligible for District Office.

The Mission of Pilot International

Pilot International’s mission is to influence positive change in communities throughout the world.  To do this, we come together in friendship and service, focusing on encouraging brain safety and health and supporting those who care for others.

Compass Club Facts

1.  Five (5) member minimum

2.  Compass Club has elected officers (President, President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer - Secretary/Treasurer may be combined)

3.  Compass Club Pilot International annual dues: $30 + $6 for insurance (plus District dues where applicable)

4.  Compass Clubs can be started anywhere in the world

5.  Sponsoring Pilot Club will assign a Pilot mentor as the primary contact for the Compass Club

Sponsoring a Compass Club is easy (just follow the steps below to get started)

1.  Find and connect with high school graduate-26 (18-28 if in Japan) year olds in your community.

2.  Talk to them about Compass and establish interest.

3.  Encourage your connection to find other people who may be interested.

4.  Attend and facilitate the initial interest meeting.

5.  Determine the viability of chartering a club.

6.  Send the Letter of Intent to Charter to Pilot International headquarters.

Compass Club Manual

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