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Forms & Informational Documents                                    Archives


Alabama District Standing Rules - May, 2019


Alabama District Policies & Procedures - July 2020

Financial Reports                

                   2022-2023 Alabama District Project

                   2022 District Convention Budget/Actuals 

                   2022-2023 Alabama District Budget                  

                   2022-2023 Financials

                   1st Qtr (July 1, 2022 - Sept 30, 2022)

                   2nd Qtr (Oct 1, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022)

2022-2023 Pilot International Ambassador

               Contribution Form - editable


Pilot International Grants Available 

             PIFF Matching Grant   -   Application  (pdf)  (word)

             Pick-Me-Up Grant   -     Application   Scoring Rubric   Manual  

              Helmet Grant - Information   -   Application  (pdf)  (word)

              Emergency Response Grant 

              Safe Harbor Grant

Alabama District Awards and Scholarships 

                 Jo Vaughn Leadership - 2023

               Brain Related / Community Service Submission Forms

               2023 Pearl Sparks Scholarship       Application/Guidelines   


               Awards Jury    District Awards Jury InfoDistrict Pilot Service Awards Judging Criteria    



                 Ambassador Certificate - 2022

               Inspirational Leader Information Form

                 Club Manual - forms section

                 Club Donations, Pilot International and/or Alabama District

               District Officers Reporting Form

               District Travel Reimbursement Form  

               Pilot International Membership Form rev. 7.2022 (with prorated dues)

               2022-2023 Alabama District Annual Dues Transmittal Form

               2022-2023 Alabama District New Members Transmittal Form

               2022-2023 Alabama District Contribution Form

               2022-2023 Alabama District Compass Annual Dues Transmittal Form

               2022-2023 Alabama District Inspirational Leader Form

               Pilot International Notification of Change in Membership - Rev 7/22

               2023-2024 Qualification Form District Officers              



                 Music for Sail on International






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